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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pinsperational Parties Past...

We want ideas for party decorations, cake inspirations or themes, we go to Pinterest...But since you're stopping by, I'll share a few of my girls' parties past, in case you happen to like one of them! I think I came up with some pretty fun ideas-even before Pinterest was around, but you can definitely tell what years were Pinspired and which were not!! I usually use it as a "go-to" for inspiration and then go with my own thing with a twist of the idea I saw! Feel free to steal/twist/adopt any ideas you like! (Like I could stop you? haha)

Luau Birthday Party

 *Most delicious "Sand" ever-lt. brown sugar, dk. brown sugar and graham crackers-mix together in food processor! 
 *If you go to your local supermarket bakery(i.e. Kroger or Giant Eagle) some of them will sell you the "kits" or other miscellaneous parts that go on top of cakes! I paid $6 for the beach kit, it came with the chair, trees, sand castle and pail. The person is one of the girls' lego friends! The rest of the cupcake decorations are Drink Stirrers from the party section at the store, I got them on clearance for $1.29!

 *Hula Skirts from the Dollar Store!

 Garden, Bugs and Butterflies

How to make Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes: Place each color of sprinkles in a separate bowl. Working with one sprinkle color at a time, cut a marshmallow crosswise into 5 thin slices, letting slices drop into sprinkles. Toss to coat sticky areas of marshmallow with sprinkles. Repeat with remaining marshmallows and colored sprinkles to make 20 petals of each color. Place a spice drop in the middle of the flower.

 *Put your veggies in inexpensive plastic flower pots!*

Marshmallow Fondant, cookie cutters and playdoh roller cutter!

Star Themed Birthday
*For a giant cupcake "liner" take the silicone giant cupcake mold and fill with melting chocolate wafers of your color choice, melt down the chocolates and pour into mold-tipping and turning the mold until evenly coated-you may have to allow it to dry/cool in the freezer and do another coat(or two if your chocolate is thin!)

 I saw the idea for streamers as a backdrop on Pinterest a couple years ago and have used it for every indoor party we've had!! It makes such a fun, inexpensive decoration and backdrop!

Snowflake/Winter Wonderland Birthday

For decorations we had paper snowflakes galore, you can also make that a fun(but messy!) party craft for the guests-kids AND adults! 

The snowflakes are all made from Wilton white chocolate melting wafers and piped onto wax paper with a candy decorating squeeze bottle.

Cupcake Themed OR Ice Cream Shoppe Themed Birthday

"Ice Cream Shoppe"

Rainbow Birthday

Glass vases for veggies, very pretty and shows off the vibrant colors of the vegetables!

 Balloons hung upside down from the ceiling and streamers as a backdrop for cake time!

(Excuse the poor yellowy lighting, the cake is actually WHITE!)

{Photo and Cakepops Courtesy of True Cupcake Creations}

Cake: White frosting + mini M&M's, Regular M&M's and Peanut Butter M&M's!

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