I live a simple life, exploring the great outdoors, and slowly the world with my husband and our 2 amazing little girls. I am a Shutterbug, I am constantly taking pictures, my camera is like an extra appendage! I love to cook, craft, bake, travel and just enjoy life! I've been told I'm a "Jane of all trades" and I like to tell people I have Creativity A.D.D. My interests are completely random and can range from making hair bows for little girls to "dumpster diving" and refinishing furniture with my best friend! I paint, I use power tools(and I'm quite proficient with a hot glue gun), and I just learned to sew this year, so I'm excited to see what will come of that! I hope you enjoy tagging along for this crazy journey of randomness!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Jeni's!

My husband and I enjoy going to The Gallery Hop in the Short North Arts District whenever we get the chance... however on this particular "hop" night we weren't going for the art galleries, or even people watching...we were on a mission to get Ice Cream! Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream to be exact! Jeni's has some of the craziest flavors you'll see anywhere, but they are tasteful, and they will let you stand and sample to your hearts content until you find something you like! It is one unique ice cream place and one of our favorites! The flavors are great and we get ours in the fresh made (practically still warm) waffle cones!
The street from the corner where we were standing in line...yes, it wrapped around the side of the building...but with the street entertainment across the street playing bongos it was quite an enjoyable(and seemingly not very long) wait.
Ahh, the sign...we're close!
Some of the interesting (and delicious) flavors you'll find only at Jeni's!
Mmmmm...Intense Lavender and Brambly Berry Flavors....
I have one scoop wildberry lavender, and one scoop honey vanilla bean. He has one scoop pistachio & honey, and one scoop honey vanilla bean. All absolutely amazing, I was shocked at how tasty the pistachio & honey actually was!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tutus, and Flowers, and Fairies, Oh My!

Inniswood Metro Gardens

We are so happy Haylie finally has her cast off! She can finally run, jump, and play(and to her delight, take an actual bath!) haha. So we decided it was time to get some new pictures of our little fairy princesses! I made their tutus myself using this video tutorial- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7aSPMEn7S0&feature=related it is so simple and you can use as little or as many colors as you want! The girls love to play dress up and would wear a tutu everywhere if I'd let them!
Inniswood offers so many gorgeous photo opportunities, gorgeous floral, gazebos, a beautiful stone bridge that was closed while we were there because there is construction on the other side where they are building a new area...but that's okay, we'll be back for more! :) Arches, benches, beautiful, colorful trees...ahh a photographer's dream. Always on the look out for more beautiful places, so please do share!