I live a simple life, exploring the great outdoors, and slowly the world with my husband and our 2 amazing little girls. I am a Shutterbug, I am constantly taking pictures, my camera is like an extra appendage! I love to cook, craft, bake, travel and just enjoy life! I've been told I'm a "Jane of all trades" and I like to tell people I have Creativity A.D.D. My interests are completely random and can range from making hair bows for little girls to "dumpster diving" and refinishing furniture with my best friend! I paint, I use power tools(and I'm quite proficient with a hot glue gun), and I just learned to sew this year, so I'm excited to see what will come of that! I hope you enjoy tagging along for this crazy journey of randomness!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It doesn't show signs of stoppin'...

Yep, more of the white stuff...it's so miserable when you see it like this...

but when you break it down snowflake by snowflake...

it's simply beautiful.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


As the title suggests, it's Freezing outside. Tons of snow on the ground to play in, but temperatures that just won't allow it. I can't bring myself to take my toddlers out to roll around in the snow when it's 15 degrees outside. Ugh. Why does it have to be cold to snow? Don't answer that, I know, I know. But it could atleast stay right around a happy 32 so we could have some fun without the threat of losing a toe! The cold temperatures, however, have made for some gorgeous shots, the snow hasn't melted off of the branches of the trees in 2 days and temps aren't looking up, so I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon! More snow comin' our way...Not sure how I feel about that...I love snow. Love it. And definitely love taking pictures of it, but I'm cold. And I'm ready to go out to the park and play without getting a runny nose! ;) Snow, snow go away...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, this post is loaded with pictures...Yesterday was my birthday and let me tell you...I got my early birthday present last week, my camera of course...I got flowers, which were beautiful, my husband loves me! He got me a huge bunch of wildflowers, which are my favorite!(Someday I'll put a wedding pic or two up, I had wildflower bouquets). And....I got SNOW!! I know, I'm insane, but I can't help it. I just love it, it's fun to play in, it's fun to do doughnuts in, and it makes Everything Gorgeous. There is never a shortage of beautiful nature stills or super fun candids of the kids playing in the snow. It's awesome!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Practice makes perfect?

Today was a big day! Nat got her very first haircut! She was the sweetest, she just sat there with her dum dum sucker and watched backyardigans while the stylist did her thing! We go to a really awesome hair salon, Cookie Cutters, it is geared towards children so the stylists are very patient and very good with the kids. Nat got to sit on the tractor for her haircut.It's such a neat place, there are firetrucks, airplanes, animals, and of course a tractor! We took Haylie there for her first haircut as well, and we've never gone anywhere else since!
Today was also a big day for my camera and I...we figured out how to shoot out of full auto mode...that's HUGE for me and I have been ecstatic all day, the downfall is I had to sit in one place and nearly go cross-eyed reading instructions, googling what I didn't understand, and looking for buttons and settings so my pictures consist of a can of coke sitting on my desk and a few of the wall...but I am getting the hang of it, so the photos should start pouring in soon :) Hopefully it gets easier, I am going to keep trying, that's for sure! I have also come quite far in my editing abilities...for example, the self portrait shot above was an awful picture in very dull, dim lighting, I almost discarded it and thought, well maybe...just maybe I can salvage it. And...Voila!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Today was an uneventful day for photography...I took a few shots out of a moving vehicle, but other than that, I was busy grocery shopping, working out, renewing tags, all that fun stuff...but on the plus side the shots from the car came out pretty nice!