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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Garden Room for 2 Lovely Little Ladybugs

Our girls wanted a room with flowers and bugs, so we went all out with the garden theme...I tend to get carried away with themes, especially when it comes to parties, but I think I did a pretty good job of reigning it in for just the right amount in their room! A few of the photos reflect some changes we've made in the room over time, as their interests changed, but the basic concept of the room remains and I am still completely in love with it! 

Stuffed Animal Storage(you'll see in later pics that we had to move to a larger option...these kids love their animals! This has since been turned into an actual clothes hamper!)

Reading Nook(The shelves facing the nook have their books on them)

Close-up of the reading nook!

I am so in love with their bedding! I love quilts!

The Tooth Fairy Door! (This has been the GREATEST!)

The new bookshelves! We just made these recently to get rid of the bookshelves and make way for Barbieville...I will make another post later with the "how-to", they are a very simple DIY project!

Another later addition to the room, the hamper just wasn't cutting it anymore...so I went to Pinterest(Where else?!) and found an awesome idea for stuffed animal storage; a ZOO! However, the sites I found everywhere had lots of pictures of rectangular units, no clear directions for materials and we needed a corner unit, so I just kind of winged it! I've since seen a better idea where they just mount the front boards to the wall with an "L" bracket and do not need the whole back of the body frame like we have! Ah well, it's one of a kind, I guess! ;)

Since we originally decorated the room our girls wardrobe has apparently exploded as well and created the need for a dresser! I scored this for $15 at a yard sale, it was lavender...a good sanding, paint job and new hardware and it is as good as new! (The little hoops are glow bracelets, the kids were having a sleepover and there were about 45 glow bracelets hung on every possible spot in the bedroom!)

I absolutely adore this sign, this was one of those tightly budgeted weeks where I really shouldn't have been wandering around in TJMaxx, but there I found myself standing in the store, holding it in my hands, really wanting to buy it, but thinking, "I really shouldn't...but I love it...but I shouldn't........but I love it!" Aaaand, I couldn't leave the store without it. Thankfully this was only a $15 dilemma, but still...on a budget, $15 can be quite the dilemma!

My, er...Their sweet reading nook...sweet, wonderful, peaceful reading nook...has now been converted into Barbie Condo-ville, USA...it's like the equivalent of bulldozing a serene forest and putting up obnoxious condos! I could have gone and laid in that nook and listened to them read forever, or just lay there by myself as it was the quietest spot in the house! Of course they found it more fun to come and sit on Mommy and Daddy's bed and read than sitting in the nook...apparently kids don't like it when it's that quiet, ah well, at least the space is getting more use now and the dollhouse fit nicely, so, I digress...

 We've finally updated and hidden Barbieville, thankfully! It looks nice when it is closed, too, but the kids were playing, so I left it open! I had a hard time with this, since our house is older and we couldn't just replace the closet doors because the old closet doors were floor to ceiling, that's right, 96 inches!! I didn't love the idea of curtains, but since the dollhouse had pink and white striped curtains, I decided it would be cute to play on that and do the same hanging in front of it. I am very happy with the results!

And as they've grown, and are now both school-age, we needed space to hang backpacks and hoodies, so we mounted hooks behind the door(as we already have command strip hooks ON the door for their robes!)to make use of the little space we've got, and it has worked out quite nicely! The poster is one of my favorite new additions, it was a clearance score at Target for $2.38 and it is a Wall Decal-I am not a fan of posters and hope I don't have to cross that bridge until we're in the teenage years!

Oh, and those peace signs you see to the right? As they've gotten older they've also developed a love for all things bright colored and "Peace" sign covered...i.e. The Backpack on the right...so these decals somehow found their way into their Sweet Garden Room...I just keep telling myself now it's a "Flower Child Room" and that it still works...

To Be Continued...

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