I live a simple life, exploring the great outdoors, and slowly the world with my husband and our 2 amazing little girls. I am a Shutterbug, I am constantly taking pictures, my camera is like an extra appendage! I love to cook, craft, bake, travel and just enjoy life! I've been told I'm a "Jane of all trades" and I like to tell people I have Creativity A.D.D. My interests are completely random and can range from making hair bows for little girls to "dumpster diving" and refinishing furniture with my best friend! I paint, I use power tools(and I'm quite proficient with a hot glue gun), and I just learned to sew this year, so I'm excited to see what will come of that! I hope you enjoy tagging along for this crazy journey of randomness!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 1: Color me random.

Well, today has been a completely random day. Therefore, this photo only seemed appropriate as I feel it is quintessentially random. So, back to the day, it was one of those days where everything we had planned turned into something else. First of all I had planned on going to a Zumba class with friends, we've been planning it for 2 weeks. Well, one of my friends stopped by the place-only to find the class has been cancelled for the term. Ugh. Today was even random down to the places we shopped. For example, TJMaxx...I've been everywhere else looking for jeans with no luck, so we went to TJMaxx, the most random store in existence, it's always hit or miss whether you'll find something worth the rummaging or not, so most of the time I don't bother, but I scored on this trip, I found not one, but 2 pair of jeans, DKNY and Ralph Lauren for $14.99/ea and they fit like a glove!(Cue choir of angels singing Hallelujah!) Then, we went to Walmart and walked behind a girl wearing a costume, I think...it looked like someone had transformed a blue Snuggie into a full body suit(with legs sewn in instead of like a gown) and it had a hood with a unicorn horn sewn on it? Random.Seriously.Then we come home to watch AFV and my husband, for those of you who don't know from personal experience, has a hilarious laugh. You can't be in the room with him and not laugh when he is laughing! Anyway, he is laughing at AFV when Haylie comes into the living room and says, very earnestly, "Dad. You have to stop laughing like that, everyone can HEAR you." LOL I died laughing and just thought to myself, when did she become a teenager? haha Well, this blog has become random as well today, I just can't seem to focus...my brain is already in Tennessee and that's still 2 weeks away! :P

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  1. I love random days, don't have many of those anymore!