I live a simple life, exploring the great outdoors, and slowly the world with my husband and our 2 amazing little girls. I am a Shutterbug, I am constantly taking pictures, my camera is like an extra appendage! I love to cook, craft, bake, travel and just enjoy life! I've been told I'm a "Jane of all trades" and I like to tell people I have Creativity A.D.D. My interests are completely random and can range from making hair bows for little girls to "dumpster diving" and refinishing furniture with my best friend! I paint, I use power tools(and I'm quite proficient with a hot glue gun), and I just learned to sew this year, so I'm excited to see what will come of that! I hope you enjoy tagging along for this crazy journey of randomness!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stop and smell the Magnolia trees...Oh, and try not to sneeze!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!
We always get a little creative with our easter eggs! :)
When I look at this I immediately hear Chris Tomlin's,  "How Great is our God" playing in my head...Awesome.
Pretty little flowers on our little tree out front.
I am head over heels in love with Magnolia trees. I think they are the most beautiful trees in existence! (With Cherry blossoms in a close second...)
Love them!
Amidst all the fun of Spring....
I know, pic overload, right? Well, I needed to catch up a little since I've been a total blog-slacker. Birthdays, Broken Arms, Beautiful flowers, and Easter...it's been a very eventful spring so far and we are looking forward to Bug getting her cast off in 2 weeks so we can go out exploring the gorgeous spring flowers, trees, bugs, and animals together! Right now she's pretty limited on fun, I'd like to give thanks to Disney for The Princess and the Frog, and Alice in Wonderland, helping us get through the past 2 weeks, haha. It's not much fun being laid up in the house when the sun is shining outside, but atleast it's not for much longer! More pics to come, I will try to stay consistent on my blog and add new photos more often! :) 

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